• Welcome to AJYVR.com

    Developing business software and web solutions since 1993. With my degree in Computer Science, skills, expertise and experience, I’ve delivered practical and effective solutions for companies in a myriad of industries in the USA, Canada, Saudi Arabia, and the Philippines.

  • Over 31 years experience in the IT industry, working in various fields such as shipping, education, media, manufacturing, application service provider and health care. With experience in end-to-end software development of high-capacity systems, coursewares, ECMS and embedded systems. Including data and system migration, ETL, process improvement, technical writing, operations and support.

Modus Operandi
  • Architect and develop innovative solutions using proven methodologies and relevant technology, while incorporating cost-effective pro-active post-production functions to minimize operational and support cost, and mitigate risks. Adhere to best practices and proven methodologies in all stages of the software development life-cycle, including post-production support, maintenance and administration.