Enterprise Client/Server Shift

Enterprise Client/Server Systems

Within a year into my consulting job in Saudi Arabia at Al-Othman Computer, the company was acquired by HRH Prince Fahd Bin Jalawei – Al Saud, and a new IT consulting firm was formed, Network Computer Services (NCS). The company ventured into high-end enterprise consulting services in the manufacturing, financial and human resource fields.

I was tasked by the new company General Manager to help setup the new head quarters, including office planning and layout, expanding on our professional training service, office call system automation, design of a new company logo, hiring of new consultants to add to our team and technology transfer. A task I took in stride, as it was an exciting time in the IT industry and I’ve fully assimilated the new culture. The company partnered with an established solutions provider, Jupiter Systems Inc., and became a reseller, customizer and implementer of its flagship enterprise manufacturing, distribution, financial and personnel system called ERIC (short for Enterprise Resource Information Control) in the region — at that time it was developed using PowerBuilder/RDBMS (Sybase/Oracle/MSSQL). Our developer team tripled, of which I took a lead role.

The company invited (flew in) executives and ERIC specialists from Jupiter Systems’ from the Philippines to conduct knowledge transfer with our team, and to take part in its first product launching to an audience of manufacturing executives and existing clients in the region, of which I also played an important role in the preparations. We went through weeks of rigorous full-time technical and programming training on the new platform with ERIC specialists.