Community Portals Using WordPress (2017-2018)

These projects were all exciting to work on, because aside from functionalities that I haven’t done before, it enabled me to flex my skills on WordPress, jQuery/AJAX and responsive UI design. (2018)

Type: Web

Field: Genealogy Service


Location: Bohol, Philippines

Created: July ‎29, ‎2018

Role: IT Consultant, Web Developer

WordPress, custom responsive theme, CSS/XHTML, jQuery, JavaScript, PHP + OOP, cross-browser compatibility, Apache, mySQL: RDBMS, stored procedures, views, triggers.

The custom front-end is built on WordPress, which is fairly straightforward. I wrote all the functions into the custom template, while using very minimum third-party code, for privacy reasons. I designed the separate genealogy database was the most exciting piece of the project to work on. It includes views, stored procedures and triggers that makes the whole bi-directional genealogy structure works. So a single family tree can be expanded naturally across generations (vertical) and clan (horizontal). This allows any member to trace lineage or ancestry.

Responsive user interface design means members will be able to use of the portal on mobile and desktop devices. It’s strict security only allow members (which requires an invite and vetting to join) to consume the content, while the public can only see the landing page.