Phone Directory Portal Using WordPress (2018)

Phone Directory Portal Using WordPress (2018)

Type: Web

Field: White Pages, Yellow Pages

Location: Bohol, Philippines

Created: April 15, 2018

Role: IT Consultant, Web Developer

WordPress, custom responsive theme, custom plug-in, data migration, CSS/XHTML, JavaScript/jQuery, AJAX, PHP + OOP, Photography, mySQL, Apache, cron, ETL, graphics design, logo design.

I did all the work on both backend and front-end components, including the streamlined, responsive UI. Its a custom WordPress theme mainly intended for mobile users, but can still be easily accessed from a large display like desktop of tablet. Also worked on integration with hyperlink shortening service and other portal optimization work.

I also migrated data from a previous version of the portal. I also wrote a custom import feature, which gives the site Administrator the ability to import new or updated contact information en mass via spreadsheets as provided by businesses.

I designed the import and submissions workflow to include validation and integrity steps, redundancy check or likely match, audit trails for all record changes, and email notifications for submitter and administrators.