Portfolio Site Using WordPress (2019)

Portfolio Site Using WordPress (2019)

Type: Web

Field: Portfolio Site

Client: ajyvr.com

Location: Vancouver, British Columbia

Created: January 23, 2019

Role: Web Developer

Web Design, WordPress, Custom Theme, CSS/XHTML, jQuery, JavaScript, PHP + OOP, Photography, SEO, cross-browser compatibility, Responsive UI, mySQL.

Created custom login screen with two step registration workflow (pending to approval) which includes captcha verification, e-mail screening, and custom e-mail confirmations. Responsive design let users view the site on desktop and mobile devices properly. Also created a subscriber-only functionality to make certain content exclusive. Created multiple content manipulation functions to expose content on widgets and posts.

Created a jQuery-based sidebar sliding menu, caching capability, restructured deployment to minimize exposure of internal folders (no ‘wp-content/themes’), created a category-based sidebar, and designed all the graphics and layout. Very minimum third-party dependency for privacy reasons. Having only one major plugin (Contact Form 7) and less than a handful very minor ones for editor tweaks. All features are built-in and developed by me.

Also created several design documents for components, setup and overall architecture. It’s a good developer practice (and habit) to capture integration and dependencies in technical documents to reduce guessing game the next time a system needs fixing, tweaking or enhancement.

AJYVR is a play on my initials and Vancouver.