Pacific Blue Cross “Making A Difference Award” Recipient

After being handed the keys, so to speak, of the company’s high capacity paper claim digitizing, adjudication, query, reporting and archiving system (an integrated system in multiple environments, with stakeholders from multiple departments; a project which I was a part of from the get go), I took the responsibility in stride. I followed best practices and a pro-active approach to support; leveraged all the knowledge that I acquired from the project; fostered good working relationship with stakeholders, third-party support and vendors, and various support teams within the department; and continue to find opportunities to improve and fine-tune the system.

On October 13, 2013, the company recognized my service through the endorsement of its primary stakeholder. The service recognition is given to employees who provides excellent service to members, clients or fellow employees. The endorsement says (sanitized for privacy):

“Josh supports the SharePoint Claims application for Pacific Blue Cross. This application is used by hundreds of employees everyday. It is a key application and enhancements or fixes generally need to be timely due to the complexity of the system, creative (at devising solutions).

He assisted the Claims Department with an automated extract of data from the system to help reduce manual efforts in the department.

He responded quickly to the initial request for possible solution, identified alternatives and implemented a solution within an impressive timeframe

He is always solution-oriented, very helpful in getting documentation completed and is very adept at explaining complex issues. The department is very grateful for his service approach and teamwork and we want to recognize him for his efforts.” — Pacific Blue Cross

I continued to make system optimizations, risk mitigation, system load tuning and data integrity checks as part of the day-to-day operation, which resulted to a significant drop in support calls and great improvement in system performance. I oversaw a tiny but agile team who was committed to do things the right way. Support with common sense.

On my departure from the company in 2017, the company was thankful for leaving more than enough documentation for them to carry on, making the support transition and onboarding of new resource seamless.