Relaunch Tech Notes with Roll-Up

Just released Tech Notes with the new CMSList+ plugin extension: Roll-Up.

This comes in handy when all you need is to write down some information quickly –like steps, links, excerpts or tidbits– but isn’t worth writing a post or a whole document. Example, when you’ve accumulated a lot of bookmarks but needs a way to somehow organize it without the work overhead –when all you need is to write the link.

All this need is a text editor where you can write the information down, and let Roll-Up do the rest.

Of course, you’ll need WordPress (e.g. XAMPP) and CMSList+. Something that can be installed easily on a laptop. Since Roll-Up is an extension to CMSList+, it doesn’t need the full plugin configuration to run. Once activated, all you need is to drop the text file in the UPLOADS directory.

Check out the new Tech Notes.

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