Project Showcase

Select past projects and works.

List Lookup and Search Plugin (2022)
A mechanism for quickly capturing information without having to worry about typesetting and text formatting. Provide the ability to quickly…
CMSList – WordPress Plug-in (2020-2022)
CMSList is a a WordPress Plugin that enforces audience-based rules on content. It includes post-based file manager, category-based forms, and…
Web Traffic Analyzer (2020)
Configurable web traffic anomaly analyzer.
Multi-language Webinar Site (2020)
Investment webinar portal for English and German subscribers.
Complete Site Migration (2019)
Complete site migration, refactoring and enhancement.
Data Organization and Process Improvement (2020)
Inter-departmental effort to make changes to improve data capture and organization and improve software development end-to-end workflow.
Portfolio Site Using WordPress (2019)
WordPress custom template and plugin development.
Phone Directory Portal (2018)
Phone directory service, including phone submissions, mass updates and workflow processing.
Community Portals Using WordPress (2017-2018)
Community portal for a private genealogy service.