CMSList – WordPress Plug-in (2020-2022)

Works : CMSList - WordPress Plug-in (2020-2022)

  • CMSList is a a WordPress Plugin that enforces audience-based rules on content. It includes post-based file manager, category-based forms, and various presentation options like lists, glossary, tasks, contacts, responsive image and gallery, list panels, grids, roll-up lists and more.

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  • Web
  • WordPress Plug-In Development
  • Web
  • Vancouver, British Columbia
  • January 01, 2022
  • Architect, Developer
  • UIX Design, WordPress, CSS/XHTML, jQuery/ajax/json, JavaScript, PHP + OOP, Responsive UI, mySQL, Image gallery, Image processing, Virtual Host integration. 

    Created a custom CMS plugin that enforces security on taxonomy and posts. Designed front-end user interface for multiple data classifications but with unified look and feel. Developed file management mechanism to manage file attachments per post decoupled from the out of the box media library and stored logical, structured manner. Developed dashboards, panels, search and authoring user interface, which are implemented simply by using shortcodes.

    Primary Features list:

    • Lists - lists, link, glossary, contacts, and tasks.
      • Post pagination.
      • Post enumeration in columnar list, plain list or thumbnail.
    • Forms - extensible forms.
      • Forms types and default options: 
        • Tasks - agenda, basic task, bug report, developer task.
        • Forms - profiles, works portfolio, contact form.
      • Form validation.
      • File attachments.
    • File manager
      • File gallery - list, detailed list, thumbnail strip and grid.
      • Responsive image preview.
      • File storage obfuscation.
      • Download feature - single and multiple file download.
      • Image lazy loading feature.
      • Auto-thumbnail creation and image conversion.
      • Structured internal file storage.
      • External file storage support via virtual host.
    • Task serial number - customizable per category.
    • Archive screen with searchable category tree view structure.
    • Post Tile Presentations
      • Thumbnail grid.
      • Aggregated latest post grid.
      • Grid pagination
    • Post Attribution
      • Footnote numbering.
      • In-paragraph jump to footnote.
      • Footnotes reorder option.
    • Panels
      • Dynamic content.
      • Custom panel listbox
        • Recent post.
        • Pull data from category.
        • Pull data from function.
        • Pull data from post attribution.
        • Literal links.
        • Listbox footnote.
      • Responsive tiles.
    • Content security - category-level configuration.
    • Authoring Assist
      • Pre-select category on post or category creation.
      • Limit post list to category in admin screen.
      • Shortcode buttons for select features.
    • Plugin administration tool
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