List Lookup and Search Plugin (2022)

Works : List Lookup and Search Plugin (2022)

  • A mechanism for quickly capturing information without having to worry about typesetting and text formatting. Provide the ability to quickly structure data, specify target audience and publish simply by providing the information in a plain text file.

  • Web
  • WordPress Plug-in Development
  • Web
  • Vancouver, British Columbia
  • April 02, 2022
  • Architect, Developer
  • WordPress Plugin for automatically generating roll-up pages (or accordion list interface) based on plain text files, that are searchable from standard WordPress search. Includes administration tools to manage search integration and clean-up.

    UIX Design, WordPress, CSS/XHTML, jQuery/ajax/json, JavaScript, PHP + OOP, Responsive UI, and mySQL/phpmyadmin, jQuery.finder/jQuery.highlight/jQuery.scrollto. 

    Created a custom plugin extension to generate HTML content from plain text files. Built a search database backend and content caching for quick response times. Implemented WordPress search integration and an in-page search tool. Included table creation mechanism to setup the backend database upon activation. Wrote administration tools to simplify data storage management and refresh. Designed the system so there's zero administration needed to keep the backend data up-to-date.

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